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[News] X-Arc cease of development confirmedANN.lu
Posted on 21-Mar-2001 16:53 GMT by Christian Kemp9 comments
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Ian Shurmer wrote: "Anybody who remembers the archiving program X-Arc (included as part of the Netconnect2 package) may be interested to know that on the Voyager3 webpage the author has finally declared that he will not be developing it any more. However, he is interested to know if he should open-source it...." The following is taken from the author's posting...
At the moment X-Arc is not being developed anymore. Pheraps I'll find some spare time to finish some features I introduced in the latest beta and release a serious stable version. Or pheraps I'll open the sources to the world, so you all may laugh a lot (I'm not really a tidy-professional developer... it's all mess.... with strange and funny variable names...) and then, if someone is interested, go on in the development of the program.
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