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[News] Explanations from Fleecy, part 3ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Apr-2001 13:11 GMT by Christian Kemp63 comments
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Fleecy writes: AmigaOS4.0 will be launched in the summer, with 4.2 and 4.5 coming out at six month intervals. OS5 will be late next year.

He adds: People have buried the Amiga more times than squirrels bury acorns, and you know what, it keeps on growing back. Beware the naysayers, for they have their own agendas.

In reply to a quote which says Ralph Schimdt (MorphOS) says there Amiga Inc has a lot of illusions...BPlan won`t run AmigaOS4...it will run MorphOS, he answers: Amiga Inc has an agreement with bPlan to build an AmigaOne. AmigaOne computers run Amiga Inc software. Whatever else is run on it is nothing to do with us, unless it infringes our copyrights or IP.

Finally, he says: I have spent hours a day trying to bring all the Amiga developers together but it seems there is just too much hatred. In the end there can only be one AmigaOS, and one Amiga Inc company moving it forwards. Amiga has retaken control, is working directly with many contractors and looks forwards to all working with us to make a better Amiga in the future..

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