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[News] DCE PPC-MicroserverANN.lu
Posted on 04-Apr-2001 14:30 GMT by Christian Kemp12 comments
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Martin Heine wrote: "German manufacturer DCE announces a G3/G4-based PowerPC-Microserver on a PCI-card for Q3/2001." "Possible usage of the Microserver as (among others):
  • Amiga-PPC-solution in DCE-PCI-expansions
  • complete system in combination with a passive backplane
  • PPC-Cluster in combination with BPlans Pegasos-mainboard
Technical data:
  • G3/G4 CPU 450-733 MHz 1-4 MB Cache
  • up to 1 GB 133 MHz SDRAM
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet
  • optional Firewire
  • PCI 2.1 Master/Agent
The DCE Microserver G3/G4, the G-Rex 1200/4000 and the existing P5-PPC-boards will be supported by MorphOS. In later releases there will be a JIT (just in time)-emulation.

Furthermore MorphOS gives the possibility to use really PPC-native software as, for example:

  • CyberGfx
  • SFS
  • Datatypes
  • MUI
  • AmiTCP V5
  • Voyager
  • YAM
  • CED
  • Bochs (PC-Emulator)
  • Office-package Papyrus from Rom-Logicware, that's being ported by Titan.
  • and many other programmes currently being ported."
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