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[News] Built With Amiga campaign to closeANN.lu
Posted on 10-Apr-2001 20:49 GMT by Christian Kemp24 comments
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Keith Blakemore-Noble wrote: The Built With Amiga site is closing down in the next few days/weeks for a variety of reasons, but the final straw was the recent Amiga "announcement" fiasco. Yes, I'm afraid so - after nearly 4 years, I'm closing this site down in the next few days.

Primary reason is financial - domain name fees and site hosting fees are up for renewal right now, and to be perfectly honest, I can't justify paying out for them any more.

I decided to wait until the St Louis "announcement" and see what that brought - sadly, from what I can see, it brought nothing good for existing Amigans; the various direction changes, u-turns and confusion seems to be nothing but a stab in the back for those of us who have stood by Amiga during the long dark period - indeed, to my mind, the significant changes in direction seem indicative (to me at least) that AInc are loosing their way.

So, I'm afraid that I can't really justify spending my money and time on BWA any longer, so once the current registration expires, the site will be gone (unless someone wants to take it all over - I'm off on holiday for a week so don't get annoyed if you don't get a reply immediately if you do email me). Thanks to everyone for their support over the past 4 years - it's been fun and hopefully we'll meet again.

Naturally, I wish Amiga Inc every success in their plans, and I shall be keeping a close eye on what happens - I'd love to be proved wrong!

(And before anyone starts flaming, remember this was all done at my expense in my own spare time - you are more than welcome to take over!)

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