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[News] (Temporary and non-exclusive) Aminet Shut DownANN.lu
Posted on 11-Apr-2001 08:26 GMT by Christian Kemp10 comments
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Michael Domoney quotes an Aminet MOTD: The following four archives on Aminet were unfortunately infected: util/boot/StackAttack.lha, util/boot/BlazeWCP.lha, util/virus/Safe.lha and util/boot/FBlit.lha. They contain faked releases of the original software linked with a Trojan horse which sends out abusive e-mails. On infected systems a process called "zakahackandpatch" will show up. If your system is infected deleted the software listed above or replace it with older versions and reboot. As a protest against this abuse of Aminet we will shut down our services on "us.aminet.net" and "de.aminet.net" until Friday.
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