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[News] Short summary of Pianeta Amiga 2001 fairANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2001 11:31 GMT by Christian Kemp39 comments
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David Scheibler compiled a short summary of the Pianeta Amiga 2001 fair, taken from amiga-news.de:
  • H&P showed AmigaOS XL (i.e. MooVid playing two films)
  • VirtualWorks showed the GRex4000D and the Mediator4000 PCI cards (not runing)
  • TitanComputer presented CandyFactoryPro running on a Pegasos computer with MorphOS v0.8
  • there will be a new Italian print magazine called Bitplane
  • Mirko Cippola showed a A1200 with a Mediator1200 with Voodoo, Soundcard and TV card.
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