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[News] Michael Garlich IRC conferenceANN.lu
Posted on 18-Nov-2001 12:55 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš
Below is a log from the Amiga 2001 IRC conference with Michael Garlich of Titan. < Nico4k > Micheal, Could please describe your plans about MorphOS/Bplan ?
< Nico4k > Plan = project if you prefer
< Titan > Yes of course we have presented 4 new products for Morphos / Bplan e.g. Papyrus Office and
< Titan > and the new videosoft Motionstudio which support DV Video
< Titan > and we have also presented Rage Hard a new multiplayer tactic shooter
< Nico4k > Well, you said on MorphOS ML what there will something to connect an Amiga floppy drive on Bplan made by third part, Could you give more detail ?
< Titan > Yes, this connecter will be able to read write "old" Amiga DD and HD Floppydisc
< Nico4k > to connect an "Amgia" drive or to use old disk with the Bplan one
< Nico4k > Where it will connected on the motherboard ?
< Titan > to connect an "old" Amiga drive may be later also PC-Floppy with modifications too
< zacman > hi michael. do you plan to release your software together with the pegasos start or already before? and are there plans for bundeling your software with pegasos?
< Titan > Nico4k: there is a floppy connecotr for PC Floppys on the Bplan mainboard
< Titan > zacman: Together with the sales start on Feb/March 2002
< Burman > Titan: Do you know anything about support for Newtek VideoToaster/Flyer HW. (PCI-card)...?
< Titan > Burman: we have asked Newtek but nothing is clear atm it will take some further negotations ga
< djnick > Hi Titan: will there be newer / improved versions of Fantastic Dreams?
< Titan > djnick: Yes this will be released later in 2002 ga
< ID4 > Titan: Are you planign a game like QIII Arena?
< Titan > ID4: We will release a pre-video of Rage Hard take a look and you will enjoy it :) ga
< Bifford > hi there ;-) what sort of speeds can we expect from pegasos? in normal operation and in real-time with cpu hungry things like 3d graphics
< Titan > Bifford: This really depends on the used CPU we think for DV Videoediting a 500 G4 is the minimum. ga
< Nico4k > As you devellop for MorphOS/bPlan, I suppose you already use it on Bplan, So how does it work ? (sorry for all this MOS related question but I want to konw)
< Titan > Nico4k: It runs really good we are sadisfied with the support of the MOrphos Team. ga
< AlphaFoX > hi titan, two questions: 1. do you know if there will be an 'AGA-on-a-Card' for the Pegasos? 2. Will Titan port its software also to AmigaOS 4.x if available? GA
< Titan > AlphaFoX: AGA card is atm not longer in development but if there is more demand we can think about such a solution
< Titan > Regarding AmigaOS 4 we have nothing heard from Amiga no specs no hardware nothing simply. We cant say we will support it if we have no information at all. Ga
< Bifford > do u have any other projects on the go atm (hard or software) or is it strictly MOS/pegasos ?
< Titan > Bifford: we concentrate on what is available now this is Morphos and Pegasos ga
< zacman > what graphics card do you recommend for games like Rage Hard? Do you know if it is correct that bplan has contacts to nvidia?
< Titan > zacman: I cant commend this atm :) ga
< Zarf > is RS on the show? ga :)
< Titan > Zarf: No but Frank Mariak was here ga
< TheFab > Titan: hi, do you plan to develop new softare or buy license (like old software like lightwave...)
< Titan > TheFab: new and licencing too. E.g. AlienNations and Majesty
< ID4 > Titan: Will you software run on Elbox SharkPPC?
< Titan > ID4: We are open to support everyone who wants Morphos. If Elbox support theMorphos team with hardware then there will be also a SharkPPC version ga
< Zefram_ > what is the maximum cpu speed we can expect on Pegasos, 1Ghz ?
< Titan > Zefram_: its upto 2GHz atm but higher clockrate are also possible ga
< zacman > isn't AlienNations and Majesty licensed by hyperion?
< Titan > zacman: No Hyperion has not licenced AlienN or Majesty. Titan owns this licence ga
< Zefram_ > What will are the graphics cards drivers available for Pegasos, Matrox ?
< Titan > Zefram_: In a few weeks there will be update on Morphos.de with all supported Gfx-boards. ga
< Nico4k > Do you think Bplan will be able to release Pegasos in February/March 2001? Not a vapor this time ? (I have been so disppointed by previous project: AmigaNG, A1). Ps: A MOS/Bplan related question again ... But who do not believe that this time is the good one ...
< Titan > Nico4k: Bplan will make a pre-release before christmas 2001 and the main release is trageted for March 2002. ga
< Zefram_ > What will be the 3D API on MorphOS? if it's Rave don't you think it's a bit old fashioned for new games ?
< Titan > Zefram_: The morphos 3d api is NOT rave ga
< Nico4k > Pre-release means Developper release ?
< Titan > Nico4k: Also for normal customers but there is only a limited stock of boards available. ga
< AmiGR > Could you enlight us about which 3d api will be used?
< Titan > AmiGR: Sorry atm not, please wait for the next official Morphos press release ga
< JoeAFUA > Titan: So will we be able to pre-order for the pre-release boards? If yes, when?
< Titan > JoeAFUA: Take a look on the bplan website there will be an "order" form. ga
< ID4 > Titan: nowdays.. What are your contacs with Amiga Inc?
< Titan > ID4: we are in touch with Amiga but they follow different ways atm. We will see if we can cooparate in future or not. ga
< Zefram_ > Will it be possible to place a pre-order from local dealers ?
< Titan > Zefram_: No, only direct from Bplan ga
< darklite > will you only support morphos, or also os4? ga
< Titan > darklite: We have no information about AmigaOS4 therefore i cant say yes or no . ga
< Nico4k > Will Pegasos be shit with screen, keyboard, Hard drive, Or will it be possible to buy only the Motherboard ?
< amiga2001 > ship instead of shit ;-)
< Titan > Nico4k: shit ??? ;)) Yes it will be shipped as complete system too this will be a g3 350, 128MB ram, gfx-board,hD and DVD-drive ga
< Zefram_ > Will there be a Pegasos motherboard with more than 3 PCI slots ?
< Titan > Nico4k: and motherboard only is also available .ga
< Titan > Zefram_: Yes there is a adaptor for 4 slots available.
< Nico4k > Are all drivers ready (I mean for internal ethernet, audio, USB ???)
< Titan > Nico4k: a lot of drivers are already finished but some are still in development. ga
< Nico4k > Will we show amazing think on Bplan at the show like Divx movie ?
< Titan > Nico4k: We have shown DV editing on the show. DIVX is also possible but was not presented. ga
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