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Posted on 18-Nov-2001 14:12 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš6 comments
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Another log from the Amiga 2001 IRC conference, now with Markus Nerding of Haage & Partner. < Ryu > will H&P release another boingbag for us OS3.9 users
< Markus > yes, we are planning some smaller fixes and locales
< ShoutCast > Markus, why is AmigaXL so ******* expensive? And isn't it a try to split up the amiga market? GA (go away?)
< Markus > it is a problem of the licences that are in the package
< Markus > the involved companies decided to only sell it as one package
< Zarf > hi markus.. how are the chances h&p will port any of their apps to morphos (eg. do a native version)? ga
< Markus > ShoutCast: no, it is not a try to split the market - it gives some people the chance to have a very fast AmigaOS running -- now
< Markus > Zarf: we are currently not planning to port anything to morhpos, however we offered some sources to people to do that work, but there was no interest yet
< Henri > Release date for Decent FreeSpace???
< Markus > the release of freespace depends of approval of Interplay - we still do not know which kind of QA they want to do
< Djole > has H&P something to do with development of os4 ? and if so, what ?
< Markus > yes, sure, Hyperion takes care of AmigaOS 4.0 now and we are one of the partners
< ID4 > Markus: Hi...What parts are you doing of OS 4.0? It will be only a OS 3.9 port? How your relation with Amiga Inc.?
< Markus > We are in negotiations with Hyperion, but the main parts are already done. An important thing still missing is a ppc board.
< Petah > Hey guys. (my question spans over two lines - here goes)
< Markus > It is not only a port of 3.9, there are additions and new features as well. Hyperion did some classes on this issue here at the show and they will certainly release more the next days.
< Petah > Although AmigaOS 3.5/3.9 has gained acceptance thruout the community, questions of quality assurance has still risen; many new "enhancements" nothing but third party patches and tools with weird names ("MooVid", "VinCEd"...). Some people claim what H&P are shipping is on the verge of what is normally called "hacks". Can you understand any of this criticism?
< Petah > Is there anything Haage & Partner could - and should - have done better in this aspect? Do you feel the H&P designs are level with what CATS accomplished years ago? GA
< Markus > in German I would say that it does not make much sense "to invent the wheel a second time".
< Markus > We are looking at the market for good products and put them together to built the update.
< Markus > If one would program new versions this would take a lot of time and a lot of money. So why not use those things?
< Markus > When CATS was in place the situation was much better - there was a lot of development within Commodore and CATS cared for all those things.
< Stom > A few weeks ago there was a news posting on the news sites about H+P not paying for the usage of the gif saver used in Arteffect and another program. Was this posting true and if so did anything bad come of it? ga
< Markus > There is no GIF saver within ArtEffect or ArtEffect Collection, and I do not know why people are saying those things
< LeoLove > you said: (quote) that it does not make much sense "to invent the wheel a second time". (/quote) => so why working on Workbench enchancement when DOpus Magellan is already a *full* WB replacement and why working on a new PPC port of AmigaOS while MorphOS looks like a good PPC AmigaOS *already* working ?
< Markus > It is often more or less a personal choice wether to use DOpus or the Workbench. We wanted to see some more enhancements of the Workbench, but one still can use DOPus or any other tool.
< ^asp^ > how many units h&p has sold of amiga os xl at the show so far? how are sales going overall? ga
< Markus > LeoLove: Maybe the problem of morphos is not the software, but the person behind it...??
< Djole > what has been done on os4 by h&p by now ? Sharkppc seems to be rady so there is a ppc board, but they say aos4 is not ready.... true ? or is aos4 not going to support sharkppc ?
< Markus > ASP: It sells quite well, although we would hope it would be more :)
< Markus > We have done a lot of work to prepare for OS 4 in 2001 and beginning of 2001, but since then we are waiting for the hardware to be able to go on.
< Markus > AFAIK Elbox never tried to get in touch with us. Maybe they are in contact with Amiga Inc, but I doubt that.
< Markus > It is quite strange that Elbox can not show a board that is running in an Amiga system.
< darklite > (1) What will be new in OS4 and what parts still have to be done?
< darklite > (2) How were the sales of AmigaOS XL (so far), compared to your other software products (some numbers maybe? - ^asp^ ;)?
< Markus > Currently Hyperion cares for the 4.0 and they will give more details the next days. They already did a class here with more details.
< Markus > AmigaOS XL is currently our best-selling software - but I do not want to give more details.
< ID4 > Markus: (about PPC boards) But Elbox have SharkPPC already... You don't have one as developers? What about AmigaONE? What you think about MorphOS?
< Markus > No, we have never seen a SharkPPC before the show and we have no contact with them.
< Markus > We also do not have an AmigaONE.
< platon42 > why does h&p include amitcp/genesis in amigaosXL when they already know for one year now, that they haven't got the licence to do this? is this morally okay for you? don't you think it even is piracy? no offence meant, but could you just explain the situation. ga
< Markus > It is the same every year. We have a contract for a licence of the full Genesis.
< Markus > Since about a year we have not heard about those things any more, which is a bit strange too - isnt it
< Dirk-B > Hi Markus, are you planning to go AmigaDE with your programmes or wil you do only Amiga Classic? ga
< Markus > Since the very beginning of AmigaDE we declared your interest. The first step should be StormC.
< Markus > But due to the lack of the new GUI system Amiga wanted to create we are stuck with this development.
< Markus > Dirk-B: Just one more word: our software is not suitable for PDAs, so we would prefer a desktop machine ;-
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