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[News] Mediator PCI 4000 shipping nowANN.lu
Posted on 19-Dec-2001 14:25 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš71 comments
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CyberGraphX homepage posted this message from Darek Dulian of Elbox: "This message must be a good news for all the owners of A4000: As of tomorrow (19 Dec 2001) Mediator PCI 4000 is being shipped to our distributors. Read more about Mediator PCI 4000: http://www.elbox.com/products/mediator_pci_4000.html And another news for all those who use A4000D and have no E/BOX 4000 Tower with the Elbox Zorro III/PCI busboard: Along with Mediator PCI 4000, you can now acquire the Elbox Zorro III/PCI busboard. And a great news for owners of A3000D: In January we commence production of Zorro III/PCI busboards for Amiga 3000D. These busboards may also be obtained together with Mediator PCI 4000 cards. More information soon to be read in our website." Dulian continued: "Now we start producing Mediator PCI ZIII, the card dedicated for A3/4000 computers where replacement of the daughterboard is impossible. This Mediator model will be on sale in January. Read more about Mediator PCI ZIII: http://www.elbox.com/products/mediator_pci_z3.html All those faithful Amiga fans who have been long waiting to be able to have new models of Mediator: Please accept our apologies for the delay. Be ensured that the waiting was really worth the final product. Mediator PCI 4000 is technically the best PCI solution for A3/4000 computers, and it has the most comprehensive PCI driver pack available in the Amiga market. The delay in starting the sales of Mediator PCI 4000 resulted from a long-term period of collecting an appropriate number of orders to justify the large-scale production. Mass production has the advantage for the prospective busboard owners that we can offer a very attractive price level, run professional support and to dynamically develop more superb quality software. Expanding the Mediator PCI busboard series for all the main Amiga models enables us to start producing the SharkPPC G3/G4 (SharkPPC+) processor cards, which will be a hardware item common for all the main Amiga models. More information soon to be read in our website. Amiga + Mediator provided with a specific SharkPPC card will give you the chance to make your dreams come true -- Amiga will again be a common word for a modern, fast computer.

Best regards, Darek Dulian M.Sc. IT Research and Testing ELBOX COMPUTER, Support Department mail: support@elbox.com web: http://www.elbox.com"
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