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[News] individual Computers: Old links re-activated, VarIO online manualANN.lu
Posted on 07-Jan-2002 05:52 GMT by Christian Kemp
Jens Schönfeld writes: Various updates have been made on the website of individual Computers.
While analyzing our webserver-statistics, we have seen that there are a couple of hundred accesses to pages that have been renamed with the re-launch of the site in May 2000. These accesses are now re-directed to the corresponding URLs of the new site.

The online-manual of the VarIO interface board is now available in two languages, and the last missing parts of the hardware documentation is available in the insider-section of the support area.

Users of Microsoft Internet-Explorer (Version 5.0 and higher) that bookmark our site will see a fragment of our company logo as an icon next to the URL in the favourites list.
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