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[News] New drivers for FastATA 1200 ControllerANN.lu
Posted on 22-Apr-2002 14:54 GMT by Darek Dulian8 comments
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ELBOX COMPUTER has released the NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 (Power Flyer 1200, Winner 1200 High-Speed) Controller:
* FastATA.driver ver. 6.0,
* FastATAPrefs ver. 6.0,
* AllegroCDFS ver. 3.3.

The new drivers feature:

* Compatibility with AmigaOS3.9 with BB2 added,
* Support for HDDs up to 2199 GB in the SPLIT mode,
* ATA3Prefs can be started when ATA3.driver is running,
* The USE option added in ATA3Prefs,
* Emulation of SEEK(6) and WRITE(6) SCSI commands added.

From ATA3.driver ver. 6.0 on, there is no need to add the 'SKIPROMUPDATES scsi.device' or 'NONSD' options in the Setpatch command.

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