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[News] The Crypt 23 - The Dragons Lair - is now out.ANN.lu
Posted on 03-May-2002 19:05 GMT by Steve Evans
So what do we have for you in Issue 23? The Dragons Lair looks into the myths and legends of the dragon from around the world. And as usual we bring you the latest news and reviews from the computer world. This time we focus on the new and soon to be released Amiga OS4, with the latest press releases and actual screenshots of the OS4 in action. (Drewl!)

Eyetech announce who will be selling the AmigaOne motherboard, and Melina Softworks bring you the latest news on the Spiders Web and Nostalgia, what are they? read their article to find out. On the PC side of the market we find out about Opus 6 and news of the latest release (This is one piece of software I couldn`t be without). Then our very own Ian Urie looks at Irfanview a free graphics viewer that works very well with Opus 6, and he also shows us how to install several piece's of PC hardware, including a TV card, Digital camera, DVD drive and USB hub. Last issue Birdy showed us how to set up and use AmIRC on the Amiga, well for this issue Bruce Steers shows us how to setup and use mIRC for the PC.

Then we have a multitude of articles from our readers and Staff members covering such wide topics as - The Orkney Islands during the World war, Caravanning equipment, Dr Suess on why computers sometimes crash, and a nostalgic look back at the Amiga computer in it`s early years. Of course there is a lot more to read than just those, but I`ll leave you to read these for yourselves.

Our beloved Ferret has delved into the past of his home country of Scotland and looks at the people and customs of "North of the Border". we have our usual pages of jokes/cartoons for you to laugh yourself stupid with, and a page of recipe's to tempt you into the kitchen.

Vulcan software announces that another Amiga classic game is to be ported over to the PC, what is it? The Games page will tell you all you need to know. Along with a new Amiga game, The Feeble Files. There are another collection of brain teasers for you to figure out, and for lovers of the Steam locomotive we have features on the Strathrail network and the North Norfolk railway.

So with 8mb of articles and pictures for you to enjoy, we hope this new HTML version of The Crypt will keep you busy till our next issue comes out in the summer.

Steve Evans

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