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[News] The AmigaOne in Leeuwarden (photos)ANN.lu
Posted on 25-May-2002 17:32 GMT by petros1815122 comments
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The AmigaOne was presented in Leeuwarden today. Unfortunately, only openfirmware bios was shown. Photos of the presentation at http://www.amigascene.nl/nieuws/nieuws.htm . At around 15.00 Computer City brought the AmigaOne motherboard. It is the first sample of the 1.0a board. Because the motherboard was different from the one that Eyetech had, it was not possible to use the Linux from the old board. Because there was no more time for a new installation, we had to do only with the openfirmware bios. There are installed a IBM processor (without cooling!), 128MB, Soundblaster soundcard and a ATi Radeon 7500 AGP. It now waits for OS4.
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