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[News] Alan Redhouse clarifies coupon promotionANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jun-2002 20:46 GMT by cheesegrate56 comments
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Eyetech speak up about hte coupon promotion. I leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions. "No this is not our promotion - and Bill will post the clarification details
later. But we are shipping A1 boards + OS4-OEM to dealers (inc Amiga Inc)
and that plus complete systems ourselves.

It is likely that you will probably be able to cash your voucher direct with
dealers - but it is down to Amiga Inc to give out the details of how this
will work. The main issue - as so many people have pointed out - is how to
avoid the banks becoming the main beneficiaries of what was a well
intentioned user support program (we pay euros15 ~USD15 on every receipt
transaction for example).

Also the law is somewhat different in te US. In Europe you cannot (past
Amiga-related companies excepted!) legally take money off consumers for a
product that isn't yet on general availability. And, to me, $50 seeems an
awful lot to charge for a T-shirt, with an non-legally enforcable right to
an equivalent reduction on an AmigaOne. You will of course (somehow) get the
$50 off - this is just really a problem of how consumer legislation is
inconsistent - and bank charges are inevitable - across the Global Economy.

That may also go some way to explain why it is Amiga Inc who receieve the
money and not us or Hyperion

Just a few facts to confuse the debate

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