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[News] MacOnLinux (MOL) Runs on AmigaONEG3-SEANN.lu
Posted on 04-Jul-2002 11:20 GMT by Fran50 comments
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In the yahoo amigaone mailing list there is a post obout MacOnLinux running in the amigaone read it "Just thought I'd let it be known to the people interested in running Mac apps that I successfully ran MOL on my AmigaOne developer board. It was able to boot Mac OS 9 from a partition on a SCSI drive from my PowerMac 8500 that I installed in my AmigaOne. It took less than 30 minutes to download, compile, install, and configure following the instructions on the www.maconlinux.com website. It runs at least as well or better then MacOnLinux ran on my 8500 running YDL 2.1 Linux. I'm under the impression that MOL runs better with the newworld ROMs and will be testing that shortly. The nice thing was that there wasn't any problems in getting in running. PS. I'm running YellowDogLinux 2.2 on my AmigaOne Adam"
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