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[News] Thendic France comment on OS4.0ANN.lu
Posted on 17-Aug-2002 19:55 GMT by cheesegrate165 comments
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On an ANN thread Bill and Raquel comment on their attitude towareds AmigaOS4 and it's appearance on the pegasos.
"If AmigaOS4.0 is fully finished and running natively on a PPC we will be happy for Hyperion and Amiga Inc. Undoubtedly, in this community there will be more than one person who will copy a legally obtained copy of the operating system onto the Pegasos. How will Amiga Inc. stop this? We cannot control this and neither can they. If AmigaOS4.0 becomes what it is claimed to be great! We will sell a few more Pegasos machines. Thanks Hyperion! We wish them our best. We have absolutely nothing against this effort."

Personally I think that no hardware developers who don't licence the amiga name will pay money for certification to get os4 running on their boards. However because the pegasos and the amiga one share the same northbridge and BIOS (atm), it should not be difficult for a developer to port os4 across to the pegasos. The question is; Will Hyperion and Amiga Inc allow this without wanting money from Bplan/Thendic France? And does it matter?
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