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[News] Pegasos und Amiga One @ O.A.S.E. showANN.lu
Posted on 09-Sep-2002 00:03 GMT by Jürgen Schober10 comments
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Pegasos and Amiga One will be shown at the O.A.S.E. - Open Amiga Southeast Europe show in Graz, Austria this weekend. On the comming weekend we are proud to present you the Pegasos and the Amiga One to the public. The Pegasos computer will be demoed by the german Thendic France partner DYXS GmbH. We already recieved the new Rev. "B" Amiga One G3SE mainboard and will present the board running the new updated BIOS. We hope Linux will make it until the weekend. Beside MorphOS we will demo current pieces of the AmigaOS4 and the Thylacine and Highway USB solutions incl. peripherals. Also, the first time in Austria: Linux on the Playstation 2. Join the O.A.S.E. - Open Amiga Southeast Europe show 14. and 15. September, Hotel Europa, Graz, Austria. http://www.oase.at
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