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[News] 10O%AMIGA now RTG/Amithlon/OS4 CompatibleANN.lu
Posted on 13-Sep-2002 11:19 GMT by FORE-MATT1 comments
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Issue 28, September 2002, is now available and has been completely re-written from scratch. Many of you with graphics cards and non-AGA machines had difficulty running the old Scala interface. This has now been replaced and you can now run 100%AMIGA on ANY computer with a graphics card or AGA and 4Mb ram. 100%AMIGA is now AmigaOne/OS4 ready... or for that matter, can run on Amithlon, MorphOS, Windows, MacOS etc. So what is on it? This month we have features on OS4, FXSCAN4, and an exciting new monthly publication. We review Drawstudio 2 CD edition as well as our usual news roundup read to you by our newsreader.

Come here, there's more - also on the CD we have a collection of free games and utilities for your Amiga. Still here? OK, Subscribe direct to us now and we will also include the full speech CD version of Sixth Sense Investigations FREE! Not still here? You drive a hard bargain! Last offer - Subscribe direct to us NOW for 6 months or more and you will get 3 CD's - 100%AMIGA 28, 6th Sense and Best of Gremlin CD compilation! See it, Hear it, Experience it!

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