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[News] Aseq: Amiga version frozenANN.lu
Posted on 06-Oct-2002 03:51 GMT by aseq11 comments
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Part of my Amiga hardware died(bvision, perhaps more) so I have to freeze development of the Amiga version of a midi and audio sequencer called Aseq. On a brighter side ;-) I can now spend more time on porting it to QNX, Macintosh and Linux. A version for Pegasos/morhpos has been planned, but seeing as I can`t yet even afford to replace Amiga hardware it`ll be a while.

In case you care about dead Amiga hardware, I`m using an A1200 with ppc card and bvision, the system won`t show up any image through the gfx card and I have no way of detecting if the ppc card is working, but I assume it is as the system will boot normally from floppy. Not from hd though, a gfx card related thing in the startup may very well screw up, or blizkick, which could mean the ppc card IS dead(also) after all.

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