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[News] MorphOS, the Pegasos, and other PPC Operating Systems and PlatformsANN.lu
Posted on 22-Oct-2002 07:30 GMT by Jedi137 comments
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By Thendic-France on MorphOS-News.de :

"In complete cooperation with Mai Logic, we have loaded the bplan OpenFirmware on both the Teron CX and PX. MorphOS runs well on both boards. The Pegasos was developed as a open hardware platform right from the beginning; it uses a BIOS to simplify a port of any operating system to the platform. This OpenFirmware is a well known standard (IEEE1275) and is used worldwide by companies like SUN Microsystems, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Motorola and others. We will support any OS vendor willing to port their software to our platform and will allow them to use our retail channels to sell their products..."

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