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[News] Frogger 2.05 (code name: 'never say never')ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Nov-2002 11:36 GMT by catohagen83 comments
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New Frogger release fixes few bugs, introduces ra demuxer and fli demuxer (sadly, no fli/flc video decoder available yet, should be soon). Last, but not least, there is WMA decoder included. Enjoy.
Download 2.05
- Fixed problems with Indeo 3.x playback.
- Fixed seeking in mpeg video files.
- Applied some minor optimizations in mpeg video docoder.
- Fixed bug in mpeg demuxer, possible read/write to 0x0.
- Added Snapshot (F2).
- Updated divx/wmv/msmpeg4/mpeg-4 decoders.
- Updated vorbis decoder. Should be a bit faster too.
- Fixed bug in screen mode ID auto selection.
- Added few more extensions to asl subtitle requester pattern.
- Added standard version strings to all external plugins.
- Updated AVI and ASF/WMV demuxers to handle WMA audio.
- Added WMA audio decoder.
- Added missing RA demuxer, not heavily tested, be carefull!
- Added FLI/FLC demuxer, video decoder will be available soon.

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