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[News] Microsoft to promote Amiga AnywhereANN.lu
Posted on 03-Nov-2002 07:30 GMT by SlimJim63 comments
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As announced on the WOASE show, Microsoft will put its considerable PR machine behind PDA/cellphone content supplied by Amiga Inc and its developers Microsoft will help distribute Amiga Anywhere content.

Packs will have "AMIGA written in bold letters all over them", (well that was the consensus anyway) with royalties going right to AInc and its developer community.

This will (obviously) allow Amiga(DE) content to be a lot more widespread and to be sold at major stores.

Gain for Microsoft: Good content available on their platforms, makes them more competitive.

Gain for AmigaInc: Influx of money, PR, wider interest from other companies and a better economical base to continue on towards AOS5.

Note: Microsoft has not bought any part of AmigaInc, nor do they control any part of Amiga. Microsoft is an Amiga Anywhere distributer. That's all.

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