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[News] OctaMed SoundStudio 2 for Amiga deadANN.lu
Posted on 09-Nov-2002 12:23 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä18 comments
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Ray Burt-Frost of RBF Software writes on the OctaMed mailing list: "We are sorry to say that we have heard nothing from the katodev team for a very, very long time and having made many, many attempts to get a reply, we have been forced to face the fact that, even with all their failed deadlines and promises, they have let us, and you, down badly." Sadly, following instructions from our solicitor, we have today, been forced to e-mail Katodev with instructions to destroy all OctaMED source in their possession, this includes original and any new source they have.

Unfortunately no one wants to work on a new version here and although we have been approached several times with regards to making the Amiga source freeware, due to certain important sections of the code having to remain copyrighted, we cannot allow this.

If you still want to see OctaMED arise again on the new Amiga, the only way forward is if the manufacturers of the new Amiga are willing to hold talks regarding a possible new version.

So, it's up to you to contact/bombard the new owners/manufacturers with your request, asking them to help resurrect your old favourite by contacting us at: AmigaV2@med.uk.com we will then be more than happy to discuss the possibility of a new version with them.

RBF Software
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