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[News] Remember November - AMIGAplus 11/2002 Announcement - 11th anniversaryANN.lu
Posted on 24-Nov-2002 00:16 GMT by Nico Barbat (editor-in-chief AMIGAplus)
Remember November - AMIGAplus 11/2002 Announcement - 11th anniversary AMIGAplus is celebrating its 11th anniversary this month! Issue 11/2002 has been released, sent to all subscribers and may be ordered at www.amigaplus.de. Celebrate with us! Read on... In this issue you are reading the following reports and more: - Review of video-expert "Supreme" - Review of text editor environment "GoldED Studio AIX" - Review of 2D-shooter AMHuhn - Scene-experts about the future of the Amiga - Workshop: "Virtual Network Computing" - Workshop: Cooperative software development, part 1 - Workshop: ProStationAudio, part 2 - Workshop: Pretty Good Privacy, part 2 - Information about AMIGAplus readers' CD 18 - Interview with Bert "WHDLoad" Jahn - Preview of AMIGA + Retro Computing 2002 - Amiga Status Report: Quiet before the storm - Show report: World of Amiga South-East 2002 - Interview with ARKTIS/OASE - Short reviews of new hardware and shareware - a.s.o. AMIGAplus (68 pages @ 4c) is availabe via subscription, by single ordering for 5 Euro all inclusive or via your local Amiga dealer.
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