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[News] Thendic France is biggest exhibitor of ARC2002ANN.lu
Posted on 25-Nov-2002 12:05 GMT by Jens Schönfeld (Edited on 2002-11-25 13:27:25 GMT by Christian Kemp)171 comments
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Thendic France will have 30 Pegasos computers on display at ARC 2002. All employees of Genesi will be present, and there will even be a small museum with rare computers! Update: Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck point out that there will only be 30 machines instead of the figure of 50 mentioned earlier, since that is all that is going to fit in their allocated space. Thendic France has increased their exhibition area, making themselves the biggest exhibitor of AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002. The reason for this extension is the amount of computers that they are presenting. Visitors of the show have the opportunity to persuade themselves of the combination of the new PPC board and MorphOS. The same amount of computers will be provided for the betatester-cxonference that will take place on the same weekend in room "Berlin 1" of the Dorint-Hotel "Quellenhof", which is located right next to the Eurogress. Thendic France has finalized the booking of this room during a meeting that took place in Aachen on november 21st.

The new company Genesi that unites Thendic France and bplan Germany will be present with all personnel at the show. More than 20 developers of hard- and software will answer your questions.

Read more about the technical data of Pegasos, that has been provided by Thendic France.

In addition to the new machines, Thendic will also bring part of their museum to Aachen. Rare machines like the Walker (Amiga successor that has never been produced) and 8-bit commodore machines will be on display at a separate booth. All the machines are still intact, so you can experience them in action!

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