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[News] Barebones Editor LaunchANN.lu
Posted on 28-Nov-2002 15:01 GMT by Dietmar Eilert30 comments
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Barebones Editor

The new GoldED Barebones package is a GoldED AIX distribution reduced to the bare essentials with the added bonus of CygnusED-inspired configuration. It's aggressively priced and targed at fans of retro editors. It's ultra-fast and provides features such as folding or syntax highlighting. Available at a special price during product launch (28/Nov-30/Nov)!

Download GoldED Barebones is a retro-look ultra-fast editor designed for users who enjoy working with CygnusED and other classic Amiga editors. It's derived from GoldED AIX, with an equally impressive set of core features, ranging from syntax highlighting to folding, but with muted graphics, and a CygnusED-inspired configuration. GoldED Barebones does not include development environments, nor HTML support and definitely no FAX button. It's a lean mean ... - but let's not get carried away :-) The free version can edit files with up to 1000 lines, no other limitations.

Available on CD-ROM for AmigaOS3. Retail price is 19.99 EURO (plus p&p). During the product launch period (ends 30/Nov) this package is available for 14.99 EUR (plus p&p). While stock lasts.

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