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Posted on 04-Dec-2002 13:31 GMT by Christian Kemp275 comments
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Eyetech replied to Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco's recent posting in the AmigaOne group at Yahoo. This is a repost under my name, since the original poster asked for the article to be removed. I don't agree with the view that this message should be kept off ANN since it is an interesting read and presents, in a way, the other side of the story; but after some consideration decided to respect the original poster's wish to have his posting and name removed, and opted to create a duplicate.
I'm afraid Buck has exceeded even his usual level of bullshit and innuendo on this one.

My take on this:

Our announcement of the G4 availability and pricing, and of the (solved) Articia problem at the WoA SE was not what he expected. Since then we have been innundated for dealership agreements from ex-Amiga dealers who have (and their customers have) good memories of the Amiga OS and a growing hatred of Windows. The polls, such as they, are show that the A1-XE G4 is by far the most popular PPC platform for the Amiga community and this must also have been a bit of a shock. (Is it also a coincidence that we've been the recipients of an intense, targeted virus campaign since then, I wonder?)

Meanwhile Hyperions work on PPCBoot and linux has allowed the Teron reference boards to get to a level where they can be usefully sold in the Linux Market. As most on this list will know we have the rights to distribute these boards in Europe and now Terrasoft do in the US. (We also have distribution rights on the Teron based designs for the Amiga marker worldwide). This has knackered Thendics plans for world domination of the PPC Linux market.

Reading between the lines it seems that they are prepared to drop MorphOS altogether if they can get their hands on OS4 to at least salvage something. Buck plans to do this by suing Amiga Inc (for what?) and bribing us to abandon the AmigaOne and Hyperion to port OS4 to the pegasos hardware . Sorry, thats not on. You can only have sensible business arrangements with people who are trustworthy and behave with integrity. There are plenty of instances (which are inappropriate to reveal here) where these principles have been completely abandoned on his side.

On their so-called relationship with MAI, we/hyperion have done more to help MAI get the Teron design to the linux market than ever bplan have, alltough I don't doubt that Gerald Carda made an important contribution to identifying the Articia bug - I've every respect for him as a hardware engineer.

As far as Thendic making their own boards is concerned thats a complete joke. Its a matter of public record that Thendic-France incorporated as a one-man company with the minimum 7500 euros of capital. Thendic, like us and MAI do not actually make anything themselves, manufacture is all subcontracted. In our case its to a Tiawanese specialist, in Thendic's its to DCE. Based on our past experience of quality assurance and after sales service from DCE I personally would never buy any DCE manufactured products for resale again.

Well you did ask


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