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[News] Announcement: Hollywood for AmigaOS4ANN.lu
Posted on 14-Dec-2002 17:13 GMT by Andreas Falkenhahn90 comments
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As I got some mails from people saying that they won't buy Hollywood because I'm supporting MorphOS I have to clarify that there will be AmigaOS 4 version of Hollywood of course. But before this can happen, I need a developer version of AmigaOS4 and because such a version does not seem to be available currently, I cannot do anything yet. But there will be definitely an AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood (if it is API compatible to the classic AmigaOS). So, don't panic and don't send me any more of such threatening letters. It's really astonishing how serious this topic seems to be to some people. Additionally the update to the AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood will be free of charge too (as the update to the MorphOS version was). So if you are interested in Hollywood, you can also buy the program now and get the update for free when AmigaOS 4 is finally available.
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