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[News] AmigaOne's arrive, minor problemsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Dec-2002 16:45 GMT by herb171 comments
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In Amiga.org thread "AmigaOne G3SE is here! now!" someone reports they got their new AmigaOne on Thursday and others say their Swedish dealer has them now for deliver on next Tuesday. Some problems are reported with IDE connectors and stability.


"my local (well swedish atleast) dealer has got the first batch SEs! That means that all the people that has ordered a A1Se from GGSDATA in sweden will have their A1s by Tuesday!"

"The newer IDE connectors have a pin missing and the cables also lack a hole for it. Apparently the A1 has IDe connectors with all pins so you have to have a cable with all holes or you have to bend a pin."

"btw DMA is enabled but is a little unstable atm so easier to have it switched off. It is being worked on... A number of developers have it sorted but it hasn't quite reached us 'normal' folk yet."

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