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[News] AMIGAplus 12/2002 - Amiga All-rounderANN.lu
Posted on 20-Dec-2002 19:31 GMT by Nico Barbat (editor-in-chief AMIGAplus)2 comments
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Ho ho hoooo! In good time for christmas the German print magazine AMIGAplus gives some joy to the hearts of all Amigans with a fresh issue: AMIGAplus 12/2002 lightens the warm rooms with a 21-page-report on emulation of C64, PC, Mac, ST, VCS, NES, Neo Geo, PSX and other classic and new computers and video game systems on the Amiga. Read On... Expect to read those reports and more:

* AMIGAplus CD-ROM 19: "MetaView" full version
* Emulation - Amiga All-rounder (21 pages!)
* Printing with Samba
* A+ Demo Award 2002
* Amiga Status Report: Dream or reality
* Reviews of Hardware and Shareware
* Workshop Pro Station Audio, part 3
* Workshop Pretty Good Privacy, part 3
* Workshop Cooperative software-development, part 1
* and much more

AMIGAplus (68 pages, 4c, German) is available via subscription, via individual order or through the known Amiga dealer channels for 5,- Euro.

Information: http://www.amigaplus.de

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