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[News] Teron board delaysANN.lu
Posted on 21-Dec-2002 13:04 GMT by LART312 comments
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Alan Redhouse has posted message in the "AmigaOne" Yahoo group.

It's mainly a list of excuses for the delayed shipment of Teron boards. * E-mail has been left unanswered allegedly due to Eyetech being "mailbombed by viruses" and a DoS script run against their web server.

* For some strange reason Motorola was to deliver CPUs to Eyetech, but they haven't done so.

* Eyetech will, like any other distributor, have to wait for the Teron PX to be finished, including the bugfixed Articia (which still has no bugs, there's only the old VIA DMA bugs according to Eyetech's message).

* The previously announced shipping date for the Teron PX came from an employee who hadn't been brought up to date.

* "All but a few" Teron CX boards and systems have been shipped now.

* Those who won't get their Teron CXes will get a special offer for Teron PXes with PPC750FX (G3) CPUs.

* The "Earlybird" preordering offer for the Teron PX with a "free" copy of AmigaOS will be extended to the end of January.

* Teron CXes with the (non-existing...) Articia bugs can be exchanged for Teron PXes "at current list price less the original A1G3-SE percentage discount with full credit being given for the original amount paid", whatever that could be, plus shipping.

* The web site will be updated with shipping status information on Monday.

* In order to not miss Christmas sales, Eyetech shipped the Teron CX boards without any OS. CDs with SuSE GNU/Linux will be shipped on Monday (not the full retail version). It's the vanilla SuSE 7.3 PPC, without specific Teron support.

* It is "proven by MAI [sic] after extensive testing" that the VIA DMA bugs are unrelated to the Articia northbridge. Well, duh. :-D Eyetech still believes that the bugfixes for the Articia has something to do with previously known issues with the VIA southbridge. Alan also lets us know that the different southbridge of e.g. the Pegasos is "of that family"...

* For Eyetech's own sales, a specific Kingston SDRAM DIMM will be "standardised on".

* To provide the legally regulated minimum warranty period of the EU (24 months), the price of the Terons will be "adjusted to reflect the higher cost" of that for EU customers. It is not mentioned if non-Kingston-sold-by-Eyetech SDRAM will be among the "non-recommended" hardware that will invalidate this warranty.

It is asked that further comments/questions about Alan's message should be sent to info@eyetech.co.uk for inclusion in the web site update on Monday.

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