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[News] PageStream 4.1.5 and AmigaOS4 and XMas SaleANN.lu
Posted on 21-Dec-2002 21:00 GMT by Cyberwlf45 comments
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GrassHopper have announced their latest version of PageStream for the Amiga and other platforms. V4.1.5 is to be released this weekend. With future updates to include PDF Export support and Word Document import/export support, amongst other things. Mention of an AmigaOS 4 version also is included in their latest update. They are also offering an XMas sale price of $90US for customers referred by existing owners. "PageStream4.1.5 Christmas Release!
Christmas is still a few more days away, but we have been hard at work preparing your Christmas gift from us! The initial Windows release is available now, and the Amiga release will be available Saturday. Macintosh should follow before Christmas. Why are we telling you this now? Because as Christmas draws near, you might easily miss the announcement. While others are laying flat on the floor from one more helping of turkey, you can be exploring 4.1.5. Ok, maybe it is just us that lives and breaths PageStream. Humor us! Besides, it might just be worth your while to visit the web site on Christmas day ;-) Registered owners of 4.1 can download the latest update by going to www.grasshopperllc.com, and clicking on downloads in the left hand menu. From the main downloads page, click on your product/platform and enter your registration number and password to gain access. We will also be posting updates to 4.0 Windows just after Christmas!

Special Deals for Special Customers!
PageStream has always been a great product, and our customers have always been the best advertising a company can have! Together we form a winning combination! Now we are doing our best to make it even easier for you to help spread the word! Until the end of the year, any new customers, that are referred by an existing PageStream customer, will receive a full registered copy of PageStream4.1 on the platform of their choice for only $90! Owners of older versions of PageStream can also receive the latest version for no more than $90!! Of course, PageStream4.0 customers can upgrade for even less! Lastly, users who need a second (or third) copy of PageStream for a coworker, family member, or other associates may do so for only $60 as long as the additional copies remain registered to the original owner for the first copy. Hurry, these offers are for a limited time! You won't find a better time to share in the power of the most functional desktop publishing program ever! For additional details, or to order, visit us at www.grasshopperllc.com.

Surveys Surveyed!
As you may recall, we first asked you back in August which platforms you are using to guide us in future platform development. If you missed the survey results on our web site, they are still available there. (As a quick recap, Amiga OS4/Amiga One, Mac OS X, and Linux were clearly the winners! Don't be surprised to hear more soon as these gifts of Christmas future materialize.)

In our recent survey we asked what features you would like to see in future versions of PageStream. Considering the wide variety of PageStream users, we were not surprised to receive a broad spectrum of suggested features. A great many of our survey respondents also took the time to let us know that while they could always use a few more features to make their design work go quicker, they loved PageStream already! Talk about a good feeling! However, we still had to find a winner. A free feature just for helping us! The most asked for feature (just barely) was font embedding in PDF output. So look for it in the next major, free, update to PageStream4.1! Even more amazing, is that after discussing it, Deron felt that an actual new feature should be added. So not only can you look forward to improved PDF output, but we are also going to add a Microsoft Word import/export filter which was another frequently asked for feature! Wow!"

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