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Posted on 23-Dec-2002 12:11 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä14 comments
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Stefan Burström writes on the IBrowse homepage: "Hello all of you! I thought I should break the silence just now before christmas. This fall has been an interesting one with lots of things going on. I originally planned the IB2.3 release about 1.5 months ago and decided to bring in some people from the mailing list to help us hard test the release candidate. Unfortunately (?) some of them took their job far too serious and told me that, no, you cannot release IBrowse in the state it was back then. Hm, back to the code again. Now 150 reported (and fixed) issues later I hope they are more pleased. We are currently about to begin testing of the very final release candidate and if everything goes as expected (and this time I am alot more confident ;) you will see an updated IBrowse around New Years Eve. In the meantime, you can check out the summary of the history. Have a great Christmas everybody!"
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