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[News] individual Computers is the first official sponsor of the Breakpoint partyANN.lu
Posted on 26-Feb-2003 13:20 GMT by Jens Schönfeld2 comments
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individual Computers is the first official sponsor of the follow-up party to the legendary Mekka&Symposium parties. Breakpoint takes place in Bingen, Germany on Easter this year. Since many years, individual Computers supports so-called scene-parties that offer a forum for demo-programmers. A "demo" is a program that does not require interaction with the user, as opposed to game demos. It's a combination of graphics, music and special effects - a presentation of the hardware capabilities, the programmer's and the artisis' skills (graphics and music).

The term "artist" is no exaggeration: The "Euro-style demo" has evolved from a subculture of the 80s to a form of art that individual Computers already supported with cash and hardware prizes on the legendary Mekka&Symposium parties.

Mekka&Symposium will not take place this year. The same experienced team that was responsible for these parties organizes the Breakpoint Party on easter this year. It'll take place in Bingen, Germany. Many people still confuse scene-parties with with LAN-parties, but this is a big mistake: A large-scale network is available, but gaming is frowned upon by the scene's etiquette.
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