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[News] More on AROS FilesANN.lu
Posted on 06-Mar-2003 23:13 GMT by Fabio Alemagna7 comments
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By recent discussions in various forums, IRC chats with wannabe AROS users and questions made on the AROS mailing lists, it appears that there's some confusion about where to get the official AROS-related files from, here I'll try to make things more clear.

For quite some time now, the AROS web site has featured a download page hosting links to the nightly snapshots.

That page has now been updated both in its contents and layout, hopefully looking nicer and more complete. Please use the files from that page to get a grasp of the AROS progresses, since they are built every night directly from the AROS CVS tree. Being untested, though, those files might contain unknown bugs or be broken altogether.

There's also the AROS SourceForge download page , which holds the official releases of AROS. Releases are made each time AROS reaches a new state of maturity, or when a considerable number of new features get implemented. Moreover, releases are tested on many platforms and are free of known bugs as much as possible.

Those are the ONLY official AROS download sites available at the moment, however Matt Parsons, a long time AROS aficionado (and sometimes an AROS developer as well ;), is kind enough to test once in a while the AROS nightly builds on a number of machines and make the relevant files available for download on his site .

That's all folks, enjoy!
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