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Posted on 13-Mar-2003 19:54 GMT by Senex (Martin Heine)28 comments
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Well, since at Amiga-News.de there's currently still just the german version (plus photos) online yet of the short report I wrote early this morning, I'm posting now the english version here, too. CeBIT - First impressions

Genesi's first attendance at the CeBIT takes place at the booth of Plexuscom - whereas the latter will be Genesi's guest at CeBIT Australia in return.

Demonstrated are Pegasos-computers running MorphOS, a separate further Pegasos-board and prototypes of small cases suitable for example for the Psylent home-server or high-end "settopboxes" (in opposite to the even smaller, simpler DTV-STBs).

One of the Pegasos-computers has the prototype of a case which has been shown at the ARC in Aachen already: here the microATX board is mounted behind the flatscreen directly, with the CD-drive and the USB front connectors placed into the pedestal.

Small new features of MorphOS (compared to the latest update on the FTP-server) shown at CeBIT are the option for transparent menus and a graphical enhancement of the Preferences-editor.

Among other software, internet-applications, multimedia stuff and some emulators are shown on MorphOS, for example Bochs, running Windows 95 on this G3/600-Pegasos in a window on top of Ambient.

New press-releases weren't published at CeBIT, at least at the first day of the fair, but it has been confirmed that the long expected Articia-northbridges from Mai finally are on their way to Genesi now, so that the final units of Pegasos-I-boards are going into production very soon now. Furthermore Arend-Paul Spijkerman has been hired by Genesi now, the developer of Mediapoint. This software, combined with the Pegasos and MorphOS, opens a further market for Genesi, and Ron van Herk hopes to demonstrate a corresponding product already at CeBIT Australia. Regarding the Pegasos-II, however, there were no new official statements yet, but Genesi seems to be quite confident that its development might be finished even sooner than expected.

And last but not least also TV visited Genesi: Ralph Benz ("Neues...", ZDF/3sat) informed himself on wednesday about the current state of Pegasos & MorphOS and will return with his camera team at the second day of the fair.

The photos can be found at Amiga-News.de here:
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