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[News] The Professionals are back!ANN.lu
Posted on 09-May-2003 23:21 GMT by Mikey_C17 comments
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No we don't mean Bodie and Doyle, we mean Amiga Legends Richard Drummond, John Chandler & Andrew Korn! Total Amiga Magazine is proud to announce that as of issue 15 some of the finest Amiga Journalists to have ever graced the Amiga scene will be donating some of their spare time to write for us!

Richard Drummond. Began writing for Amiga Format, before moving on to Amiga Active Magazine, eventually moving on to Linux Format.

John Chandler. Has written for several Amiga magazines, Including Amiga Active and has a regular column on Suite101.

Andrew Korn. Was CU Amiga Magazine's Deputy Editor and went on to become the launch Editor of Amiga Active Magazine.

All this and the regulars:
Os4 Update
Morphos News

Plus regular columnists, Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse

Congratulations to Louis Vidal of NYC, USA on winning our earlier QUAKEII competition. Don't forget there is yet another chance to win a copy of Quake II, courtesy of Hyperion and Forematt Home Computing in issue 15.

For Subscriptions, list of worldwide stockists and free Downloads of previous issues visit Total Amiga Magazine at http://www.totalamiga.org

Total Amiga Magazine, Does what it says in the name.

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