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[News] Roadmap for WinUAE 0.8.22 release 7ANN.lu
Posted on 14-May-2003 21:07 GMT by Raffaele8 comments
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WinUAE 0.8.22 release 7 is to be released end of May. WinUAE Home. Here follow details: WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 7 WIP (11.05.2003)

Estimated release date: End of May

Bugs fixed:

- printer didn't work if serial port emulation was enabled
- palette wasn't updated properly when entering and exiting the GUI in fullscreen 8-bit Picasso96 mode
- button or key mapped to mouse horizontal or vertical axis
- right/middle button data register emulation update (Sound of Silents)
- random crash when horizontal centering was enabled
- bsdsocket emulation, AmTelnet connection freeze
- config save crash/non working keyboard when MS SideWinder Virtual Keyboard is installed

New features:

- emulation compatibility improvements
Elfmania, Rainbow Island (broke accidentally in R6), Mission Elevator (properly fixed this time...), Old Timer, Sargon History, TBL demos etc..
- analog joystick (paddle) ports emulated
- improved hard/ZIP disk RDB detection
- Action Replay 2/3 state file support
- sound "power led" filter emulation
- freely selectable sound sample rate (8000 - 48000)
- "direct" serial port support, fixes PC to PC Lotus 2 serial link problems. (two player only, 3 or 4 players require lower serial latency that is not possible under Windows)
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