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[News] USB controller ALGOR shipment startsANN.lu
Posted on 01-Jun-2003 21:49 GMT by Michael Böhmer1 comments
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The new USB controller ALGOR starts delivery from E3B to dealers on monday. We apologize for the delay caused by a machine breakdown in our production line. As a small compensation there were some nice extras added:

The ALGOR features now a diskless installation. No more floppy needed - everything is integrated on the card. Just one of the many things one can do with FlashROM.

For buyers of an ALGOR / NORWAY bundle a special tooled slot plate with one USB and one ethernet connector is available - at no additional charge (only available through selected dealers).
Especially useful for full desktop machines.

The last goodie is exclusively reserved for buyers of the ALGOR :)

E3B wants to thank all interested people for their patience. We also appreciate the input from the community during the development phase of this board. Moreover, without the good acceptance of our first USB controller boards and the positive feedback from many users we wouldn't have been so encouraged to go one step further.
Thanks to all of our supporters !

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