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[News] The Truth about BoltonANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jun-2003 09:22 GMT by Bolton Peck aka 'Tronman'306 comments
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I thought this deserved its own news item, in order for me to clear my name of the vicious ad hominem attack on me by Mr. Peake. As he'll no doubt be aware, there is PLENTY of personal stuff I could bring up, but it is not germaine to the discussion of Amiga's finances, my lack of payment or anything else. If he'd like to talk more about it in public or in private at AmiWest, well, he can bring it on ;-) With that said, here's my response to this scathing critique..

Firstly, Gary mentions my mountain bike. My $500 mountain bike, which anyone into cycling will tell you is a cheap bicycle. Gary knows I bought it in September 2000, when Amiga were still paying us, but implies that I got it on January 3, 2002 (uh, that is AFTER christmas) with the late check. We paid bills with that check instead. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that five months in 2002 where we couldnt' afford two cars so I rode that 'expensive moutain racing bicycle' to work everyday so my wife could have the car, our 1979 Cadillac sedan. I also rode it to work during 2001 to save on gas money.

Next, the bonuses I got while I worked there. I don't know what he got as a 'Director of Developer Relations' (his title at one point) but I only ever got ONE bonus, of $1500, while I worked there. It was in June 2001, after we hadn't been paid in a month and Bill handed them out as a 'thank you' for staying on. I didn't mention it, fair enough. I used half the money to buy a video camera, which I returned two weeks later when it was obvious I couldn't afford to keep it. Gary knew the whole story, but failed to mention it.

Also, I took two weeks off from work when Rose was born, and I did take half of September off for the AIDS ride (I didn't charge Amiga for that whole month, by the way). I was allowed to work at home for a time, because Janet had to work to support us, although Gary has done some exaggerating of his own here. During my whole tenure at Amiga I called in sick exactly THREE times, and one of them was from the bike shop exactly in the middle of my daily bicycle commute. I felt sick, I stopped there and used their phone, then turned around and went home.

My testing was exactly as productive as Gary's work in funneling those '3,500 developers' applications onto my desk. The half dozen or so developers I did work with all seemed polite and efficient. Maybe Mr. Peake was hiding the other 3,494 of them from me. We'll never know, because Gary had his OWN T1 line into HIS CUBE ONLY, totally independent of the corporate LAN - his data was 'too sensitive' for the company wiring. (of course he was also connected to the company LAN).

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