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[News] Amiga Inc's Business License to be auctioned out?ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Jul-2003 09:29 GMT by takemehomegrandma196 comments
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Rich Woods seems to have attended the Amiga Inc auction. He says "I have 4 pallets and 51 boxes of Amiga stuff", among other things the Amiga Inc State of CA Official Business License attached to the company bulletin board. Wouldn't that be a nice souvenir from the Amiga Inc saga? :-)

"For sale - I don't know. If I could get a REAL nice price for it". But there seems to be a lot of other souvenirs too, like:

A lot of PC computers and peripherals with Amiga Inc security stickers on

Boing ball posters

A box of 70 or so SDK software

"I obtained a room full of material from the landlord (Tom - of the Inception Group) of items that weren't up for sale at the James Murphy aucton."

For more info: Visit this thread at amiga.org
Pictures pending at: http://www.merlancia.us/amigaauction/

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