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[News] OS4 in France addendumANN.lu
Posted on 07-Jul-2003 19:26 GMT by Elwood40 comments
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A few notes about our presentation of OS4 and Alan's... I must say that Laszlo Torok sent me his last version of MooVid a few hours before I left to go to Montlaur where OS4 was demoed (thanks Laszlo). As we spent 2 hours talking about OS4 (the presentation we prepared), we ran out of time. We couldn't show MooVid running in OS4. Sorry French Amigans about that...

Anyway, with Stephane Guillard we tried MooVid just before the show. We played some movies that can be found in the "Video" directory of the OS3.9 CD.

We played them in a Workbench window (with nosound because we hadn't speakers) and it was damn fast... So it prooves that:

- OS4 68k emulation works well (the Moovid we used was the 68k one)

- the 68k runs fast even on an old 603 (on the A4000 we used) !!! I know there wasn't sound but it will rocks on the A1

There's one thing left, I must say. Alan Redhouse did a presentation about the present and future of the A1. What impressed me is when he said that Eyetech sold "many more" units than "the others"...

I had confirmation of that when I asked to an A1 reseller who told me there is a potential market for several thousands of AmigaOnes. Remember the ISP-like market ? :-)

Bye everyone, I hope to see you soon to demo a full PPC OS4 running in the A1 !!! :-)

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