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[News] Pegasos at Linuxtag and Debian Developer ConferenceANN.lu
Posted on 10-Jul-2003 04:06 GMT by Christophe Decanini (Edited on 2003-07-10 06:19:54 GMT by Christophe Decanini)48 comments
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There will be a Pegasos at the Linuxtag in Karlsruhe this weekend. Linuxtag is Europe's largest GNU/Linux exhibition. The Linuxtag is at the Karlsruhe Convention Center from 10-13 July.

Genesi will be represented by Nicholas Blachford, whose "Analysis: x86 Vs PPC" was featured yesterday on OSNews and on Slashdot.

Nicolas will be joined by Genesi's newest team member Sven Luther. Sven is a developer known to both the MorphOS and Linux development communities. Sven Luther's LinuxPPC kernel was recently announced on MorphOS-News.

At Linuxtag, the Genesi Team and the Pegasos will be found in the Debian Booth.

The following weekend (18-20 July 2003) Sven will also be attending the Debian Developers Conference, Oslo, Norway with the Pegasos. Details about that conference can be found here.

Sven has joined Genesi to manage the LinuxPPC development effort for the Pegasos. Sven is a PhD candidate at the University of Strausbourg and an Associate Professor in the Computer Sciences Department. The University of Strasburg was founded in 1621, with a long tradition of academic excellence. Louis Pasteur, John Calvin, Marc Bloch and four Nobel Prize winners have studied or taught there. We can now add Sven to the list...;-)

Welcome Sven!

Of course, Nicholas and Sven will be able to demo MorphOS too!

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