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[News] Northland nearing completionANN.lu
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 11:47 GMT by Thomas Steiding31 comments
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RTS game Northland is nearing its completion on the Mac and will go beta on MorphOS/Pegasos very shortly. A MorphOS demoversion will be released in august. 16.7.2003 Northland getting closer to release The Apple Macintosh version of Northland is very close to completion now. The game has been in betatesting for some time now. "Northland", which was developed by Funatics Software for the PC is ported to the Apple Macintosh and other platforms by e.p.i.c. interactive. The Macversion will require at least a G3/350 with 128 MByte RAM and OSX. A OS 9.x version will also be supplied on the CD but the memory requirements are not 100% known yet. "Northland" for the Macintosh should start shipping from the middle of august and preordering from our webstore will start next week, when the demoversion of Northland for the Mac will be launched. More information on Northland can be found at: www.northland-game.com or at www.epic-interactive.com The MorphOS version of Northland should go beta very soon. A demoversion for the Pegasos and MorphOS can be expected in august.
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