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[News] Pegasos and MorphOS at Computerfest in Dayton, OH, USAANN.lu
Posted on 23-Aug-2003 00:11 GMT by Daniel Miller5 comments
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Pegasos and MorphOS will be demonstrated both tomorrow and Sunday at Amigafest, which is a mini-convention at the larger convention Computerfest in Dayton, OH, USA. Everyone in that area who has not had a chance to see this great new system in action should be there! The following will be demonstrated on the Pegasos: MorphOS 1.4, Kaya MP3 and Ogg Vorbis player, MPlayer video player, games inc. Birdie Shoot, VirusZ antivirus program, and more stuff! Computerfest is at the Hara Arena Complex so come on down! See details for info... http://www.computerfest.com tells you about the big show. http://www.haracomplex.com/direct.htm gives you driving directions.
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