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[News] GoldED Studio updated, C/C++ IDE for MorphOS, Special OfferANN.lu
Posted on 17-Oct-2003 14:19 GMT by Dietmar Eilert6 comments
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GoldED Studio AIX is a text editor, text-based HTML editor and integrated development system for C/C++ development, compatible with AmigaOS3 and MorphOS. The latest release is available at a special price, for a limited time and while stock lasts. What's new?

This is the first official GoldED Studio release that is fully compatible with MorphOS. This means that not only does the software work perfectly with MorphOS but that development material for MorphOS is fully integrated into the C/C++ mode, with documentation, the MorphOS includes (material included with kind permission of Genesi) etc. For other changes such as a new BASIC interpreter and a prettier user interface, please check the history file.

Cross development C/C++ IDE

The primary goal with the improved C/C++ mode is to provide a unified development environment for developers targeting AmigaOS3 and MorphOS with their software. To that end, different flavours of free compilers are integrated, such as gcc3.3 for AmigaOS3 and gcc-morphos for Pegasos computers. vbcc, which is a multi platform compiler for m68k and ppc, is included on the CD as well, with kind permission of Volker Barthelman. These compilers can be installed simultaneously and switching from the AmigaOS3 compiler to the MorphOS compiler is just a mouse click away. Syntax highlighting makes it easier to recognize functions that are only available under one operating system.

Web site and screenshots

You can find screenshots on the official web site:

Screenshot 1 (C/C++ mode)
Screenshot 1 (barebones configuration)

Free Download

A trial version can be downloaded on the official web site. Trial versions contain all features of the full version but are limited to editing small documents such as web sites and e-mails (in that context, the trial version is fully functional, so you will at least get a free HTML editor :). Two flavours can be downloaded:

The small trial includes the editor and most add-ons but only a fraction of the C/C++ mode (enough to evaluate, not enough to use) and no spell checking. At 4 MB, this is the recommended download for most users.

The complete trial is an image of the full GoldED CD with several huge C/C++ compilers. You only want to download that if you are interested in gcc but never managed to install it, it will give you mouseclick installation of several excellent free compilers in addition to a GoldED test drive. It might also be worth a download if you want spell checking in e-mails. This archive is a 86MB download. Please note that it will only be available for a short time (day or days) due to lack of web space on my side.

Price and updates

The GoldED Studio AIX CD costs 69.90 EUR plus p&p (recommended retail price). Upgrades on CD cost 19.90 EUR plus p&p. Discount apply and the upgrade may even be free if the software was purchased recently.

Special offer

On occasion of releasing the new version, for a few days and while stock lasts, the price of GoldED Studio AIX is only 49.90 EUR and shipment in the EU is FREE. 3

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