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[News] Thendic-FranceANN.lu
Posted on 17-Nov-2003 19:18 GMT by bbrv161 comments
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At today's hearing of the Tribunal of Commerce in Paris a judgment was rendered declaring Pretory, S.A. in bankruptcy and appointing a receiver. The process finally will now begin to transfer Thendic-France's assets to Genesi SARL. Our situation with Pretory S.A. has been a long and difficult one. In all matters we have cooperated with the French Government and agreed to close the Company in a coordinated and proper manner. Time will demonstrate that we have behaved properly and legally in all respects as shareholders and managers. In no way will these matters effect Genesi. Finally, we are personally free to devote the time and resources we want to the Genesi. Sincerely, Raquel and Bill
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