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[News] IOSPIRIT: Medusa USB Bundle availableANN.lu
Posted on 09-Jan-2004 15:12 GMT by Felix Schwarz (Edited on 2004-01-09 19:58:46 GMT by Christian Kemp)7 comments
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IOSPIRIT announces the immediate availability of Medusa USB, a driver package enabling the use of OnBoard- and PCI-USB-controllers under Amithlon and other supported PCI-solutions. Medusa USB contains full versions of the USB-stack Poseidon, the PCI-USB-driver ArakAttack and special full versions of the IOUSB DigiCam and IOUSB Scanner packages.

Medusa USB enables users of Amithlon and other supported hardware, to completly avoid the purchase and installation of additional USB-hardware and instead make use of already existant OnBoard-controllers, thereby saving precious PCI-slots.

About Poseidon

The Poseidon USB Stack is a software solution that unleashes the possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and the devices with USB interface. It is intended to be a solution for all systems.

Poseidon has a modular design that fits into the AmigaOS environment very neatly. It is no port of an existing system (like the Linux USB stack), but has been created with the unique features of AmigaOS in mind that make the operation system so efficient. Already in 2002 Poseidon received the Amiga Award as best Amiga software.

About ArakAttack

ArakAttack is a USB driver-package for Poseidon, with which USB shall be made possible on every PCI-capable AmigaOS. The supported standards currently include UHCI and OHCI. Nearly every PCI-USB-board or USB-OnBoard controller are compatible with one of these standards. A list of already tested devices can be found in the respective subpages of the Medusa USB product pages.

About IOUSB Scanner and DigiCam Package

As a bonus, the IOUSB packages, which for the first time allow the use of USB-scanners and -digicams, are contained in special SE-versions (equal to the full versions in functionality). However, since it's a free bonus and testing with all possible hardware combinations was impossible, these SE-versions come without support and functional guarantee.


ArakAttack usually should work with every OnBoard- and PCI-controller supported by PowerPCI (Amithlon) and OpenPCI. Nonetheless, it is possible that in certain constellations and especially with PCI-solutions not, not fully or not error-free supported by OpenPCI (Mediator, Prometheus, G-Rex), there can be compatibility problems. It is thus recommended to download the demo versions of Poseidon and ArakAttack and to test it for compatibility with the hardware in use prior to the purchase.


Medusa USB is immediately available as downloadversion for 34,99 EUR and as package version (with certificate) for 44,99 EUR. Dealer inquiries desired.

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