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[News] Linux kernel 2.6.4 available for PegasosANN.lu
Posted on 23-Mar-2004 08:35 GMT by takemehomegrandma10 comments
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Sven Luther has announced that the Linux kernel 2.6.4 is now supporting the Pegasos I and Pegasos II:

Hello, I have made available a 2.6.4 linux kernel for the pegasos 1 & 2. It will need some wider testing still, and is missing the SFS support found in the 2.4.x kernels, but has been running stable on my box since the last week or so.

The config used in the prebuilt kernel is rather limited to what i have on my box though, so if you need more, write me about it, or build your own kernel.

The patch does apply cleanly to either the 2.6.4 kernel from kernel.org, or the kernel-source-2.6.4 debian package.

Alsa is now builtin the kernel, so i don't provide separate alsa module package anymore, only the MOL modules. The stuff can be downloaded from here.

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