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[News] New SoundFX incoming versionANN.lu
Posted on 26-Mar-2004 09:10 GMT by Tony Pascoal7 comments
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Stefan Kost of Sonic Pulse announced that he will release soon
the new version 4.3 of SoundFX audio effect software.

You get more informations about SoundFX at :
SoundFX web site
You will find too some informations about : GITK -
a Generalized Interface Toolkit ! here are a list of SoundFX features :

more than 50 effects, with many parameters and complexs ways to modulate them, like : SoundSynthesis (AM,FM,...)
3D-Cube-Parametermodulation (Mix, Equalize)
Effects e.g. Hall, Echo, Delay, Chorus/Phaser, Morph, Pitchshift ...
Operations e.g. Resample, ZeroPass (FadeIn/FadeOut), Middle, Amplify, Mix, DeCrackle, ConvertChannels ... 2D/3D-Spectrumanalysis
very good filters and boosters with resonancy !!!
nearly every parameter could be modulated in the following ways :
none : no modulation, static processing
curve : fades smooth from one value to a second one with variable curvature
cycle : oszilates between two value with different waveforms,
frequency and phase are adjustable
vector : envelope editor
user : a samplebuffer modulates the value, contains several
mappings, can even grab the modulator volume or pitch-envelope
SoundFX has several alpha-channels (one for each important
parameter), furthermore SoundFX can generate alpha-channels
more than 100 presets are included
features 4 different interpolations types
fx,loaders and savers are external program modules and will be
loaded on first use
reads and writes many sample formats including various compression types
clippboard support (with all 256 clipunits)
you can work with many samples at once (every sample has it's own sizeable window)
works in mono, stereo and quadro
works with samples on disk (when running out of memory)
sampledata is held in memory or on disk with 16bit quality high quality, because of floatingpoint-arithmetic (80/64bit) during calculations
plays in 8bit,14bit and 14bit-calibrated on the standart paula-chip, players are using only up to 4kByte Chipmemory
AHI-player (for soundcard-owners)
unlimited X and Y zooming
X and Y axis in samplewindows
features lots of different units for entering parameters and displaying axis
extensivly expanded mark and range editing
font, screenmode and sizesensitive gui
appicon support
systemconform programmed (tested with cyberguard, wipeout and blowup)
and many more features (read guide)
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